Friction Training is akin to the sensation that a skater feels as he or she streaks across a frozen pond. The patented Lynx Board surface responds to your body weight by increasing the intensity of the workout proportionately to the pressure you exert.Quotation-Call-outs

Unlike other fitness devices, the Lynx Board gives you full 360-degree range of motion and will not damage your joints. While the appearance reminds some people of the low-cost sliders and gliders that were prevalent years ago, the Lynx Board’s patented friction surface and training methodology represent the next generation of core stability, mobility, balance, control and coordination. It also improves posture and reduces the likelihood of injury.

This is why Friction Training is so effective.

Lynx Fitness offers two models to suit most any lifestyle — the Lynx Travel Board is perfect for busy executives or people on the go. The convenient travel case can be stored in the overhead compartments of most airlines while the Lynx Home/Studio Board is better suited for use in a traditional home or office setting.

No matter which model you choose, listen for the familiar “shhhh” as you work your core. And with the Lynx Board, there are never any costly add-ons to buy and no complicated setup or IMG_8855HR-WHITE-STUDIO-BOARD-800x800installation.

Low-impact training is ideally suited for anyone recovering from an injury or who suffers from chronic joint problems such as osteoarthritis. It is easy to maintain precise control of your movements and goals by varying the training techniques and altering the number of sets, repetitions, speed, range of motion etc.