Our Founders

David Morin

David Morin’s fitness accolades are built on the back of his strong core values and self-discipline. His strength, determination, honesty and integrity make him one of the most sought after models and experts in the fitness world.

Born into a large military family, David spent much of his childhood traveling the world acquiring the same values he boasts today as a top professional and innovator in his field. These values have earned him published credits in more than 100 elite fitness magazines and publications, including Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, and Exercise & Health.

Having begun weight training in 1999 as a way to overcome personal challenges, David also enjoys yoga, martial arts, free weights, mountain biking, hiking, surfing, skateboarding and anything outdoors.

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Carmel Rodriguez

Carmel is a high-energy health and fitness trainer whose passion and commitment for a healthy lifestyle is evident in her everyday life.

With a skill set that is second to none, Carmel is certified in numerous fitness techniques. Known for her elite athletic ability, Carmel possesses intricate knowledge of fitness and health education along with a deep-seated passion for her clients. A mother of two Carmel believes that she can serve as a role model inside the home and beyond.

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