About Us

Lynx Fitness is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals — whether you are training to run a marathon, looking to get into bikini shape, recover from an injury or simply want to look and feel better. Our flagship product — the Lynx Board — can help you do any of those things and much more in the comfort of your own home or on the road.

You no longer need to buy multiple machines since the Lynx Board’s patented friction technology can do the work of an ab wheel, treadmill and other machines in one high energy, low-impact device that targets your all-important core.

We’ve invited some of the fitness industry’s top experts to join us in building a world-class fitness organization that will bring you the latest techniques, instructional videos and healthy recipe ideas that promote transformational change.

By incorporating the utility and benefits of the Lynx Board with sound nutrition, there is no question that you can live a healthier life and we will be there every step of the way.

We pledge that all of our products meet the highest standards for quality and workmanship or your money back. That’s the Lynx Fitness pledge to you.

Let’s face it. Our days are consumed by life, work and social commitments. 
If you are lucky, you might get to the gym twice a week, but even that’s hit or miss. 
Give the Lynx Board 20 minutes and you can get a total body workout in the comfort of your home — or even on vacation.

Mission Statement

We specialize in innovative, low-impact fitness solutions for busy people who want to make a lifestyle commitment to better health, nutrition and fitness.

Our Motto